2 Success-Inhibiting Traits You Must Let Go Immediately

success-inhibiting traits

If you’re struggling to move ahead despite your intentions to grow…

If you’re struggling to find success because opportunities never seem to find you…

Then listen up.

There’s a chance it has nothing to do with your effort, and EVERYTHING to do with your attitude.

And more specifically, your attitude toward others.

Here are 2 success-inhibiting traits you must let go immediately.

1) Anger

Anger is a powerful force that certainly has its place.

In fact, without anger, many great achievements would have never occurred.

But when you direct your anger toward others, you send out a negative pulse to the world around you.

This negative pulse shuts you off from a powerful flow of positive energy. And not only that, but it also hurts another person in the process.

The Universe will never reward you for such behavior.

If you must be angry, redirect it towards a goal.

DO NOT direct it at someone else.

2) Hatred

You should not hold hate in your heart. Ever.

Hate is a cancer that breeds only negative outcomes.

Instead, try to work on exercising more empathy.

When you feel you “hate” someone or something else, take a deep breath, exhale the heat, and then say to yourself:

“Despite how I feel, I wish you the best. May good fortune rain upon you, and may these feelings be cleansed in the purity of love and light.”

And always remember:

Holding hatred in your heart is like holding onto a red-hot burning coal…

The only person it’s really burning is YOU.


Alright, enough for now.

Let’s pick this up with a few more in the next one.

Until then, let the anger and hatred go.

You’ll get much further in life without them.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇