3 Non-Negotiable Prerequisites to Become an Early Riser

become an early riser

Before you become an early riser, there are a few prerequisites.

These prerequisites are the ‘primers’ that will help you establish the habit more easily. They will also prepare you to wake up early, rather than force you to make it happen.

Here they are in all their glory:

1) Understand what you’re already doing

How are you already spending your mornings? What do you do as soon as you wake up? How do you spend the first 20–30 minutes of your day?

Knowing this will give you an idea of where you can improve.

Oftentimes, this is the part of the morning where people waste the most time and energy on bad habits. Understanding what these bad habits are is the first step to get rid of them.

So ask yourself…

What am I already doing in the morning? And where can I improve?

2) Understand your ‘reason why’

Why do you want to wake up early?

Do you want to spend more quality time with your family?

Do you want to spend more quality time with yourself?

Do you want more time to work on important personal projects?

WHY do you want to wake up early?

If you don’t understand your ‘reason why,’ you won’t have the ammunition you need to succeed.

Your ‘reason why’ is the North Star that guides you. If you have a strong one, it will always pull you towards it.

3) Know your priorities

What’s the most important thing you could do in the morning?

What’s the most important project you could work on?

What’s the most important activity you could get done and out of the way?

Knowing this — and then actually doing it — gives you an immediate ‘quick win’ at the start of your day.

DO NOT underestimate the power and importance of this.

Quick wins give you momentum.

They give you freedom.

And they provide you with fulfillment for the rest of the day.

Imagine what you could accomplish then!


Of course, these are not the only prerequisites.

But they are the most important ones.

When you understand them, you pave your way to success. When you don’t, you pave your way to failure.

So take some time to go over these 3 prerequisites and know where you stand with each. Doing so will help you join the ranks of early risers once and for all. And perhaps far sooner than you ever imagined.

Happy rising, friend.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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