6 Destructive Character Traits You Must Cut From Your Life For Good

Destructive Character Traits You Must Cut From Your Life For Good

If you’re struggling to move ahead despite your intentions to grow…

If you’re struggling to find success because opportunities never seem to find you…

Then listen up.

There’s a chance it has nothing to do with your effort, and EVERYTHING to do with your attitude.

And more specifically, your attitude toward others.

Here are 6 destructive character traits you must cut from your life for good.

#1 — Anger

Anger is a powerful force that certainly has its place.

In fact, without anger, many great achievements would have never occurred.

But when you direct your anger toward others, you send out a negative pulse to the world around you.

This negative pulse shuts you off from a powerful flow of positive energy. And not only that, but it also hurts another person in the process.

The Universe will never reward you for such behavior.

If you must be angry, redirect it towards a goal.

DO NOT direct it at someone else.

#2 — Hatred

You should not hold hate in your heart. Ever.

Hate is a cancer that breeds only negative outcomes.

Instead, try to work on exercising more empathy.

When you feel you “hate” someone or something else, take a deep breath, exhale the heat, and then say to yourself:

“Despite how I feel, I wish you the best. May good fortune rain upon you, and may these feelings be cleansed in the purity of love and light.”

And always remember:

Holding hatred in your heart is like holding onto a red-hot burning coal…

The only person it’s really burning is YOU.

#3 — Envy

The definition of envy is:

“A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.”

The key words there being “a feeling of discontent and resentment.”

Of course, this is not a state in which you want to be.

You should feel HAPPY and ENTHUSED for the other people. Be it for their possessions, their qualities, their achievements, or their accomplishments.

The more you feel a positive association towards others, the more open you’ll be to receive the same.

Swap envy for admiration and the tides of success will surely change.

#4 — Jealousy

Much like envy, jealousy will get you nowhere.

The difference with jealousy is that it makes you feel threatened by another person.

For example, you’re in a relationship and your partner is chummy with someone from work. They’re a member of the opposite sex. You don’t like this and it makes you feel threatened. That’s jealousy.

The problem here is two-fold:

  1. If you trust your partner, who the fuck cares? And…
  2. Oftentimes, you’re getting all heated up over nothing.

This makes you act foolish towards both parties, which is something all 3 of you don’t deserve.

So stop getting jealous.

No one is out to take what’s yours.

Focus on showing more love and improving your relationships.

That’s what really matters.

#5 — Selfishness

One of the biggest, most transformative lessons you can ever learn in your life is this:

The pie is big enough for EVERYONE.

Meaning, stop holding on so tight to everything you have.

Give away that last piece of pizza.

Take the small piece of cake after you slice it.

Tip double or triple more than you normally would.

The point here is to enact the law of ABUNDANCE in every area of your life. And you do this by KNOWING and ACTING LIKE there is always enough (and more) for everyone.

Stop being selfish and success will WANT to find you.

#6 — Cynicism

If you walk through life thinking people are inherently bad…

Or that they only have their own self-interests at heart…

You will never able to effectively attract or enlist their help.

In fact, in one way or another, you’ll push it away.

But here’s the thing…

You’ll get much further in life with others by your side.

Sure, the lone wolf can get shit done.

But they’re not nearly as effective as the entire pack.

So stop being a cynic.

BELIEVE in the good of others.

BELIEVE their help will actually help you.

The more you do, the more you invite others in. And the more you invite others in, the more you can all rise together.

A negative attitude towards others will NEVER bring you success.

Remember that.


And there you have it, folks.

6 destructive character traits you must cut from your life for good.

The sooner you cut them, the sooner you’ll rise.

And as you rise, success will surely find you.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇