6 Questions That’ll Help You Find Your Purpose

find your purpose

If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?

If you could wake up tomorrow and pursue anything you wanted, what would you pursue?

If you won a million dollars and never had to worry about money again, how would you choose to spend your time?

What goals would you have?

What dreams would you harbor?

And in what ways would you want to give back to the world?

The truth is…

People often wonder how to find their purpose. How to find that ONE THING their passionate about and can pursue with conviction.

But few ever take the time to figure out what that actually is.

Instead, they get locked in the monotony of their everyday life. Trading time for dollars. Working paycheck to paycheck. Never pausing for a moment to discover what rings true in their heart.

If you’re one of these people…

Stop doing that to yourself.

Step back and take a moment to examine who you want to be.

Do you love what you do, or do you want something more?

It’s a simple question that only YOU can answer.

Be honest with yourself and stop settling for less.

If more is what you’re after, then go forth and make it happen.

Deep down, you have ideas for the life you want to live.

Start living it TODAY or else you may never will.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇