9 Dream-Killing Habits You Must Let Go To Make 2021 Your Breakthrough Year

dream-killing habits

2021 is coming in HOT.

To prepare, you’ll need to let go of some stuff.

What exactly? Well, that’s what this article is for.

So buckle up — here comes 10 of ‘em.

1) Procrastination

That’s right — to make 2021 your breakout year, you have to stop putting things off ’til later.

Want that new job? Want that new relationship? Want those new opportunities? You gotta go out and get ‘em.

So stop farting around and start taking action.

You ain’t makin’ any progress ’til you do.

2) Entitlement

Ever hear the saying “Good things come to those who wait”?

Yea, that’s bullshit.

That rarely, if ever, happens.

The fact is…

You’re not going to “come in” to money.

That perfect job isn’t going to “find” you.

Life shouldn’t be easy just because you’re a “good person.”

Sure, you should always expect the best. And you should always hope and pray for good things to come your way.

But you should also be aware that if you don’t actually get off your ass and TAKE ACTION, none of it will come to fruition.

And if it does, it’ll be short-lived, anyway.

You’ve gotta earn it.

You’ve gotta go out and GET IT.

Life doesn’t owe you anything.

It only pays out what you’re due.

3) Limited Thinking

Let me ask you something…

Do you think your life can be better?

Do you think you’re deserving of a fortune?

Do you think the perfect partner will ever find you?

If not, then it’s time to fix your thinking, Jack.

Because the truth is…

Your life can be better.

You are deserving of a fortune.

And yes, the perfect partner is out there, waiting patiently to find you.

But only if you believe it to be so.

Whenever that little voice in your head tells you something isn’t possible, go ahead and tell it where to go.

Your only limitations are the ones you let yourself believe.

Let go of limited thinking and you’ll blast off like a rocket ship.

4) Excuses

Limited thinking and excuses go hand in hand.

In fact, excuses are just limited thoughts in nicer clothes.

“I didn’t have time for it.”

“It’s too hard for me to do.”

“My partner won’t allow me.”


Own your life.

Own your ACTIONS.

You and you alone can change your circumstances.

When you make excuses, you give that power away to something else.

Stop doing that.

Instead, make NO excuses and watch how much further you go.

The difference will be night and day.

5) Fear of Failing

This one’s a biggie.

SO MANY people don’t even get started because they’re afraid of what will happen if they fail.

Well, guess what? You’re gonna fail!

You failed THOUSANDS of times before you started walking with confidence and conviction.

And at one point, you couldn’t tie your shoes to save your life.

But now you can, right?

Imagine if you gave up — or didn’t even try — because you were afraid of not getting it right the first time.

Imagine how foolish that would be.

Well, the same goes for everything else.

You will fall. You will get banged up. You will get broken, battered, and bruised.

But if you keep trying, YOU WILL prevail.

Failure is merely another step forward.

Learn from it and keep going.

6) Believing There’s A Shortcut

In a world of instant gratification, it’s understandable why you’d want something NOW.

But success doesn’t work that way.

Skill development doesn’t work that way.

Attaining knowledge and wisdom doesn’t work that way.

Nor should it.

A major part of what makes you proficient and successful comes from the journey you take to get there.

It’s the experience. It’s the trial and error. It’s the learning, adapting, growing, and developing over time.

There is no shortcut for that.

So you can either waste your time looking for one…

OR you can take control, take action, and commit to getting ahead — no matter how long it takes to do so.

Life is a lifelong journey, after all.

Why you gotta speed it up?

7) Waiting For The Perfect Time

An all-too-common occurrence, really.

The truth is…

If you wait for the “perfect time” to do something, chances are you’re going to end up disappointed.

Why? Because when it comes to your goals and aspirations, the “perfect time” to start doesn’t exist.

And the longer you wait for that perfect time to come, the longer you’ll put off the circumstances you desire.

There’s a popular quote that goes:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Remember that.

The “perfect time” is always right NOW.

Not later. Not after the weekend. Not the start of next month.

No — the best time to start is TODAY.

And the sooner you understand that, the sooner you can start building the life you want for yourself.

Got it?

8) Self-Doubt

A bonafide dream-killer if there ever was one.

Self-doubt will stop you dead in your tracks faster than almost anything else.

But guess what? It’s unwarranted. Every little bit of it.

You ARE worthy.

You ARE capable.

And you CAN do profound and amazing things.

But until you start BELIEVING that, you’ll get in your own way and shut yourself down.

Stop doing that to yourself.

Instead, recognize your own power.

HARNESS your own power.

And then use your own power to make meaningful changes in your life.

Self-doubt will get you nowhere.

But SELF-BELIEF will set you free.

9) Anything Average

We end this on a powerful, almighty notion:

YOU are destined for great and wonderful things.

Not mediocre things.

Not average things.

Not just-like-everyone-else things.

No no — YOU, my friend, are here for something special.

If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry.

Soon enough, you’ll find your way.

Reach high.

Shoot far.

Dream BIG.

NEVER settle.

YOU CAN have the life you want.

Believe it and make it so.


And there you have it, folks.

9 dream-killing habits you must let go to make 2021 your breakthrough year.

Hold on to ANY of them and you’re bound to hold yourself back in immeasurable ways.

Let them go and you’ll be on your way to greatness.

Seems like an easy choice to me.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇