A Quick & Easy Way to Add More Substance to Your Life

add more substance to your life

I want to give you a quick way to add more substance to your life.

Seriously, it can’t get any easier than this.

In fact, most people should already be doing what I’m about to tell you. But it’s understandable if you aren’t. No one sat us down and told us these things were important to do.

Okay, so what in the heck am I talking about here?

I’m talking about planning your meaningful moments.

And I’m not talking about vacations or special occasions or anything like that. Though, you should definitely be planning and looking forward to those moments, too.

No no — what I’m talking about here is meaningful moments throughout your entire week.

The fact is…

There is nothing is more important than spending time with your family and those you love. But all too often, people fail to make those meaningful moments a priority in their lives.

Work gets in the way.

Time gets out of hand.

Schedules get too busy.

And then you’re left with no extra time or energy to spare.

Let’s change that.

Instead of being reactive and getting caught up in your week, plan your week ahead of time and prioritize the moments that matter.

That means, before your week starts, sit down and look at your schedule. Then, before ANYTHING else, book out those meaningful moments. Date night with your partner. Playtime with your kids. Game night with your family.

Whatever those meaningful moments are to you, claim them on your schedule FIRST. Then (and ONLY then) start adding everything else.

This is going to do 2 major things for you:

  1. It’s going to ensure you’re always showing up for your family — thereby adding more happiness and fulfillment to their lives and yours, and…
  2. It’s going to give you confidence and conviction to say “No” to everything else that might get in the way.

Not a bad deal, right?

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add more substance to your life…

Start planning those meaningful moments FIRST, and you’ll always be present for the moments that matter.


And when you’re ready 👇👇