An Open Letter to Anyone Who’s Struggling to Get Ahead

struggling to get ahead

If you’re struggling to get ahead in life.

Here’s an idea:


Don’t just sit there and hope for something better. That rarely, if ever, works. It’s like sitting in front of a fireplace hoping for heat but never actually adding any wood.

In other words, it ain’t gonna happen, partner.

Instead, you need to take action and try something new. You have to work every day on something that helps to move you forward.

The good news is that in today’s day and age, doing that has never been easier.

Within minutes, you can start learning a new skill you could do from anywhere in the world. And over the course of a year (months, even) get proficient enough to start making pretty good money doing it.

But you have to commit to something first.

You have to want it.

You have to push yourself to get better at it every day.

It’s not hard, either.

For example, here’s a simple path you could follow:

  1. Wake up an hour earlier than you do right now.
  2. Use that hour to study a location independent skill.
  3. Practice the fundamentals every day.
  4. Add your samples/examples to a portfolio.
  5. Create a profile on Upwork and start bidding for jobs.

Within a week, you could land your first client.

Within a month, you could land even more.

And within a year, you could feel proficient enough to quit your day job and really make a go at it.

It really is that easy.

And that’s just one of the potential options you could try.

So if you’re not where you want to…

If you don’t have the lifestyle you want…

If you lose sleep at night thinking about all the bills and debt that keeps piling up…

Pull up your socks and figure it the fuck out.

The only excuse you have is the one you let yourself believe.


And when you’re ready 👇