The ‘Army General’ Secret for Making Tough Decisions

army general secret

Many years ago, an Army general was faced with a serious military decision.

There were two possible choices. Both of which his predecessors had been “studying” for the previous 10 years.

When presented with both options — as well as stacks of technical documents, charts, and graphs…

… it took him just 30 seconds to come to a decision!

… even though he had no idea how to make sense of all the information.

Now that might seem crazy — but I want you to look deeper.

First, the general’s advisors had been mulling over the problem for 10 years and still didn’t know what to do!

Slim chance more information was going to help them now.

Second, the general knew they’d never think themselves into the right answer. But by choosing one, they’d find out pretty quick if they made the right choice.

Third, if he was wrong, they could always adjust their plans and change direction later.

For these reasons, when you’re facing a tight decision, it’s usually better to lean toward action. It is, after all, one of the most important ingredients to manifest your desires.

So the next time you’re mulling over a decision to do something important…

Don’t wait.
Don’t delay.
Don’t hold back any longer.

Take the leap and change course only when you have to.

All your success and forward momentum is counting on it.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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