Breakfast Poutine Scarcity

bacon poutine scarcity

The other day, I went out for lunch with my daughter at an awesome little cafe in Nelson, British Columbia.

The place is a gem.

It’s part cafe, part record store, and part used-book store, too.

I love it there.

Anyway, my family eats there quite often, so my daughter and I already have a pretty good idea what we want.

Consider it business as usual.

She wants the waffles, I want the 2-egg omelet with mushrooms, bacon, and cheddar. Easy.

But then I noticed what they had on special:

Breakfast Poutine: 2 poached eggs, bacon, and cheese curds on top a bed of roasted potatoes. Smothered from top to bottom with delicious house-made gravy.

YUM — I can feel my taste buds tingling now.

Anyway, at this point, I’m intrigued.

If there was ever a sucker for an artery-clogging breakfast poutine, I’m your Dan.

So I ask Martika (my server) about it.

And she says:

“Looks good, right? There’s only two left, so if you want it, you better get it now.”

And that right there is what sealed the deal.

I certainly didn’t want to miss out, so I put in the order right away.

Now, did Martika know she was leveraging Scarcity to push me over the edge?

Maybe, and maybe not.

But the fact is, it worked like a charm.

And if you’re someone who’s in the business of selling things to others…

Scarcity is a powerful principle you should know and use, too.

If you do it honestly, it may just be the very thing that gets people through the door.

It was for me, and I’m grateful for it.

The question is…

Can you find a way to use Scarcity, too?


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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