7 Foolproof Ways to Flood Your Soul with Happiness and Love

this is happiness and love

1) Get to know the strangers in your home

Serious question:

2) Find your 5 and feel alive

One of the most important lessons you can learn is this:

3) Carpe Diem the heck outta your morning

Some people can’t stand it but…

  1. MEDITATE: Sit down, shut up, and focus on your breathing for 10–20 minutes. If your mind wanders away, bring it back to your breath. Feel alive in your mind and spirit.
  2. MARINATE: Soak in gratitude for 5–10 minutes. Think about everything you love. Say “Thank you” for everything that comes to mind. Warm your heart in the golden light of love.
  3. MANTRAS: Spend at least 10 minutes repeating one solid intention for the day. “I will effortlessly cultivate patience and compassion in all of my interactions today” is a powerful mantra you can use.
  4. MISSION: Before you do anything else, give yourself 1 hour to work on your most important personal project. This is when you build your dreams.

4) Be a superhero the world deserves

Once you’re kicking ass after a stellar morning routine, it’s time to move on and make sure the rest of your day is just as delightfully good.

5) Open the doors for something wonderful

I like to live life without any expectations.

6) Play a game of “Science Says”

Are there any proven ways to be happy?

  1. Write for 20 minutes about a positive experience. Do this for 3 consecutive days, take a day off and repeat. Do this for two weeks and see how you feel.
  2. Random acts of kindness — even one of them can do the trick. But if you can manage to perform 5 of them in a single day, your overall sense of well-being will SOAR.
  3. Meditation. At the VERY LEAST, two minutes per day is all you need to make a serious impact.
  4. Keep a gratitude journal — and at the end of each week, write down five things you’re grateful for. Try to reflect on feelings of love and joy while you’re doing it and you will almost immediately notice a shift in your energy.

7) Escape the toxic clutches of social media

Admit it.

Let the waves come crashing in

It’s not easy feeling hurt.

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