The Easy Way to Get More Joy Out of Life

more joy

So you wanna get more out of life, eh?

More joy?
More substance?
More excitement?

More of the moments that make your soul sing the song of a happy and fulfilling life?


It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

But you have to be willing to do something you rarely ever do.

You have to be willing to live your life in the Here and the Now.

Perhaps not always — though the more you can, the better.

But certainly more than you have been.


Here’s one way…

When you’re with someone, be with them.

Put your phone away, stop thinking about work, quit getting distracted by all the little things tugging at your attention.

Look them in the eyes.
Listen fully to what they’re saying.
Show them that you value your time together.

Be present and find the magic in every moment you share.

You never know when (or if) you’ll ever share these moments again.

It’s too easy to get swept away in the swift current of life.

Lost in thought. Lost in worry. Lost in the search for meaning and purpose.

But when you’re with someone else, try your best to not let that happen.

Be mindful.

Be present.

Give them the gift of your unconditional and undivided attention.

All that joy and substance you’ve been looking for?

It’s deep within those moments.

It’s deep within your presence.

If you don’t pause and pay attention, it slips away without you knowing.

But if you step back and focus on the here and now…

You might just savor all the magic this beautiful moment brings.

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