How to Make 2021 Your Best and Brightest Year Yet

best and brightest year

So this week, I’m diving deep into my goals for the year.

But not in your classic type of way.

No no — this week, I’m diving deep into EVERYTHING.

What does that mean? It means that I’m going to start mapping out plans and intentions for every area of my life.

I wrote about this briefly in an article right before the New Year, but didn’t expand on it very much.

Today, I’d like to rectify that.

So if you’re someone who’s yet to set any goals or intentions for yourself for 2021, please keep reading.

This article could very well be the catalyst that makes 2021 your best and brightest year yet.

How to begin?

First, I’m going to make a list of each notable area of my life.

For example:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Ambitions
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Network
  • Experiences
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Habits
  • Education
  • Community
  • Skills
  • Home
  • Business
  • And so on

This isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means. But it’ll do for now.

So let’s move on.

Next, I’m going to go through each of the items on that list and do some brainstorming. And I’ll start that brainstorming by asking myself the following question:

  • Is this an area of my life I’d like to improve? If yes, what are some ways I could improve it?

This will help get the creative juices flowing.

Now, it’s important to note that I’m not looking for definitive answers here, either. I’m simply letting my mind wander and think about ways to make that area of my life more fulfilling.

Each idea gets written down and I keep moving through the list.

Of course, this is going to take some time. And that’s okay.

I’m not under a time crunch here — I want to get this right.

That’s why I’ll take my time going through this process until I have a clear image of where I’d like to be.

And also a clear image of who I’d like to be when I get there.

By the end of this process, I’ll have tons of ideas.

Then it’s just a matter of determining what’s most important.

I’d say one solid goal for each area of your life is a great place to start. Because if you take on more than that, you might find that no matter how hard you try, nothing actually sticks.

That’s a very common symptom of taking on too much.

So go ahead.

Go through this process yourself and see what you come up with.

If you do, I’m sure you’ll be able to see a clear path to make 2021 your best and brightest year yet.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇