“I Think I’m Failing My Child”

failing my child

Over the weekend, I was chatting with some friends.

They’re all parents. They all have kids no older than 3-years-old. They’re all wonderful people. And their kids are, too.

But as we were talking, they would say things like:

“I try to feed my kid healthy food… and I always try to make homecooked meals… but every now and then I slip up. And then I feel like I’m failing my child and not doing my best as a parent, etc etc etc”

Or something like:

“I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes my parents did. There’s so much stuff I had to get over from my childhood, and I don’t want my kid to go through that. I’m scared I’ll repeat those same patterns.”

Now, first of all, I understand where this is coming from.

For some, it’s natural to want the best for their children. But also notice how I said ‘some’ and not ‘all.’

Because here’s the thing…

Many parents aren’t intentional.
Many parents don’t try their best.
Many parents don’t really care.

Some parents feed their kids whatever they want.

Some parents let their kids have hours upon hours of screen time.

Some parents never reflect on their parenting style… or what they should be doing to raise the happiest and healthiest child possible… or how to better manage their own emotions so they can be a better example for their kid.

Some parents couldn’t care less.

But some do.

In fact, many do.

And they’re often the ones who seem to be the hardest on themselves.

The truth is…

If you’re trying… if you’re intentional… if you’re doing your best to raise a good kid… and if you’re actually thinking about ways to be a better parentthen you’re already leagues ahead of most.

The simple fact that you care — and that you think about ways you could be better — is all your child will ever need.

They don’t need you to be perfect.

They don’t need you to have your entire life together.

They don’t need you to heal every wound of your past or overcome every trauma you’ve ever dealt with.

What they need is for you to love them… to honor them… to be respectful of them… to practice empathy and kindness and understanding towards them.

What they need is for you to try your best.

As long as you do that, you have nothing to worry about.

Intentional parents are incredible parents.

If you’re one of them, then relax a little.

I promise you’re doing great 🙂


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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