Ignore This Fundamental Writing Truth At Your Own Peril

writing truth

There’s a fundamental truth in marketing that states:

“A confused mind always says no.”

Which means…

If you’re not clear on what you’re offering…

Or you can’t explain what you’re offering in simple terms…

Or you don’t really understand it fully and completely yourself…

You can never expect anyone else to understand it, either.

And when it comes to your writing…

The same fundamental truth holds steady.

Here’s the problem:

Too often, people try to be cute and creative with the words they write. Their headlines invoke wonder instead of clarity. Their arguments ramble on instead of being concise.

Then they wonder why no one is reading their stuff!

Now, don’t get me wrong…

There’s certainly a place for cute and creative. And if that’s what your heart is calling you to write, don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s wrong. You can write whatever the heck you want.

BUT — if your goal is to impact other people…

To teach, motivate, and inspire…

Then cute, creative, and clever just ain’t gonna cut it.


“A confused mind always says no.”

So ask yourself:

 — Is my work clear?
— Is my work concise?
— Will people find it easy to read and understand?

If not, then dive back in and keep editing, my friend.

The clearer you get, the more impact your work will inevitably make.


And when you’re ready 👇