Life Advice From a Scared & Trapped Fawn


Last weekend, we had a little fawn stuck in our yard.

It was my fault, too.

I left one of our gates open after mowing the lawn, and mommy and baby came strolling through early in the AM. Ate some of our winter squash, too. But that’s neither here nor there.

As I was watching them out the window, mommy decided it was time to leave. So she hopped over the fence without any effort and was on her way. But Bambi was far too small to do the same.

He started running around our yard looking for an exit.

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

You could tell he was getting more nervous, anxious, and afraid by the second — he just couldn’t find a way out of the yard.

Then my wife — basically Snow White herself — went outside to guide the fawn to one of the exits.

But as soon as Bambi took one look at her, he dashed right through one of our closed gates. Right through it! Which is quite the feat considering there’s only about 6 inches of space to work with.

Honestly, I would have never guessed the fawn could’ve squeezed through that hole. But he did — and now he’s reunited with his mom eating berries and greens on the mountainside.

Anyway, the whole situation reminded of people who feel trapped and lost in their lives.

They wander around with stress and anxiety looking for some type of ‘exit’ to their problems. But they seldom ever find any.

Then, when someone tries to guide them to something better, they run for it. They ‘squeeze’ through the nearest exit trying to avoid any tough love or advice they don’t want to hear.

It’s unfortunate, really.

Because if they could just face that fear for a brief moment, they might find an easier way to solve their problems.

But alas, some people are quite stubborn.

As was the Bambi who came strolling through our yard.

Moral of the story?

Try your best not to be like that.

Instead, notice when someone’s just trying to help or guide you to something better. It might be easier to follow their advice than squeezing through a 6-inch hole or hopping over a 3-foot fence.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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