Losing Weight & Eating GREAT

losing weight eating great


In the past 7 days, I’ve lost 4.6 lbs.

That’s 18 total over the past couple months.

December was a bit of a write-off considering my birthday, my wife’s birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

But even then, my progress has been stellar.

In fact, so has my wife’s — you should see her.

Man oh man, I’m a lucky Dan!

Best part? There are two, actually.

  1. We didn’t come remotely close to starving ourselves, and…
  2. One day per week, we go absolutely HAM on whatever type of food we want.

To give you an example, here are some of the goodies we stuffed our face with last Saturday:

 — Waffles and all the fixins’
— Cheesy bacon omelets
— Sugar-filled lattes
— Pizza, pizza, pizza
— Buttered smothered popcorn
— Hershey chocolate goodness

Plus, I’m pretty sure I had a couple beers, too.

Then, for the rest of the week, my wife and I ate clean, delicious food. And a whole heck of a lot of it, too.

The result? Together, we’ve dropped close to 10 lbs in a week!

So yes — you can eat whatever you want (in moderation) and still lose weight.

And no — you don’t have to starve yourself while doing it.

Want to know the exact protocol we’ve been following?

I’m sure you do.

Well, I ain’t spillin’ the beans here, partner.

We paid good money for the guidance we’re getting.

So why am I telling you this then?

Here’s why:

Although I’m not going to tell you exactly what we’re doing to achieve such remarkable results, I WILL tell you this:

If you want to move toward your goals faster and with more confidence than ever before…

You MUST invest in yourself.

You MUST invest in your growth.

You MUST invest in expert guidance.

Sure, a lot of people might look at that advice and say, “Yea, but I can’t afford to get a personal trainer to help me.”


Yes, you can.

Consider it health tax.

Consider it longer LIFE tax.

Consider it an INVESTMENT that’ll pay you back forever.

You’ve got no problem spending your money on stuff that never serves you.

Why not put some of that away and start spending it on the stuff that matters?

I know I did — and the results are speaking for themselves.

But now you must excuse me.

I can hear some waffles and pizza calling my name 🍕


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇