No, You Shouldn’t Focus Only On The Positive

focus only on the positive

Contrary to what some spiritual “gurus” might tell you.

You SHOULD NOT focus only on the positive.

Why? I’ll give you two important reasons.

Reason #1: Willful ignorance

Yes, willful ignorance.

What does that mean? It means you’re choosing to avoid the reality of what could be a potential negative outcome.

No, you don’t want to keep negative thoughts circulating around your head. That’s a clear recipe for disaster.

But you also don’t want to avoid thinking about things THAT COULD go wrong.

Now, some people might say to that, “But, if you think about the bad, you’ll bring more bad TO YOU.”

Not so.

Thinking about what could go wrong gives you foresight. It helps you prepare. It helps you ground yourself in the reality of what could happen if things do, in fact, go sour.

Expect the best, plan for the worst.

Keep that motto in mind.

If you focus only on the positive, you’ll be ill-prepared when the negative finally strikes.

Reason #2: Not all is good

Fact: Bad things happen.

Fact: Some people ARE evil.

Fact: Heinous crimes happen every day.

When you choose to turn your back to that reality, you ignore your responsibility to make change.

And when you ignore your responsibility to make change, the world suffers. YOU suffer. And everyone you know, love, and care about suffers, too.

The bad is never made right by people believing it was all good in the first place. It’s made right by people understanding what’s wrong and then taking action to make it GOOD.

Don’t be ignorant.

Know what’s wrong, make it right.

Know what’s bad, make it good.

Prepare for the worst, expect the best.

It’s your duty to get your own house in order.

But you can’t do that by ignoring reality.

Prime your mind to focus PRIMARILY on the positive.

But also prepare for what happens when it’s not.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇