Personal Growth Epiphanies From A Toddler Tantrum Meltdown

personal growth epiphanies

Right now, my daughter’s upset because I took something away from her.

I told her if she didn’t listen to us, she would lose the privilege of doing the thing she wanted to do.

Almost immediately, she defied me.

She went ahead and did the EXACT thing I asked her not to do.

So I kept my word and took away the privilege.

Now, she’s sulking about it.

Which, in my defense, is entirely her own fault.

But here’s what I find most interesting:

Instead of doing something to take her mind off the sadness, she continues to lose her cool.

Crying, screaming, BEGGING me to change my mind.

But I won’t.

I remain steadfast.

She’ll have to do something else.

What’s funny though is that the whole situation reminds me of a problem many people have.

The problem? To wallow in sorrow instead of moving on.

When something happens that upsets you…

When something happens that makes you angry…

When something happens that gets on your nerves…

Many people choose to sit in those emotions and let them fester.

But that’s the wrong way to do things.

Instead, brush it off and get over it. Do something else. Focus your attention on something you can do, and something that makes you happy.

That’s a far better course than allowing yourself to suffer.

Anyway, just a thought as I try to raise my girl.

She’s still learning, of course — so it’s part of growing up.

But you’re already much older than her.

So what’s YOUR excuse?


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇