My Pet Peeve Revealed

pet peeve revealed

If you’re following along from yesterday’s article, you might already know what my pet peeve is.

But for those who haven’t clued in yet and need a little help, allow me to fill you in so you don’t have to continue waiting.

Because in fact, that’s exactly what I’m talking about here:


And not waiting as in “I’m waiting for the right opportunity to come my way”… or “I’m waiting for the sun to start shining again”… or “I’m waiting for my food to be ready”… or anything like that.

No no — the waiting I’m talking about is different.

It’s the type of waiting that happens after someone doesn’t show up when they said they would.

It’s waiting for guests an hour after your party starts.

Or waiting for a babysitter who’s already 10 minutes late.

Or waiting for your drive at school after everyone’s gone home.

Or even at a movie theater after it’s already closed.

Surely, you’ve waited on someone like this before.

And chances are, you didn’t feel very good about it, either.

Because here’s the truth:

When someone is counting on you to show up, it’s a slap in the face when you don’t. Especially after you said you would.

So if you want an easy way to make someone’s day…

Just be somewhere when you said you would.

In fact, a few minutes earlier is even better 😉


And when you’re ready 👇👇