Read This If You’re Missing Your Family Right Now

missing your family

Are you missing your family?

Are you missing your friends?

Are you missing the things you’re no longer allowed or able to do?

If so, then I’ve got some news for you…

It’s not okay — and you’re not alone.

The truth is…

There’s a dark, looming cloud of control hanging over us.

We’re told who we can see. We’re told where we can go. We’re told what’s essential and what isn’t.

Your health is no longer greater than the health of the whole. What’s best for the individual doesn’t matter if in some, way, shape, or form it doesn’t align with the health of a protected minority.

And let’s face it — 0.01% of people are most definitely a minority, right? I mean, you can’t argue with that, can you?

But it’s this same exact group of people who dictate your freedom of movement and assembly. Your freedom to be wherever you want and with whomever you want to be with.

No one asked this minority if they were okay with that, either. Their willingness was just assumed and then weaponized to gain a tighter grip.

It’s time to wake up, folks.

Things aren’t as they seem.

Governments are taking more control than ever before — and they’re convincing you to obey and never question it.

Everything they do is right, right?

No need to objectively analyze it.

After all, you’re not intelligent enough to form your own conclusions. You’re not capable enough to learn or know what’s really going on. And you’re certainly not responsible enough to take care of your own (or even your loved one’s) health.

Best leave that to the bureaucrats.

They know what’s best. For you. Your kids. Your parents. Your grandparents. And everyone you know and love.

What a joy it is to not have to think anymore. What a joy it is to just blindly obey the orders given by agencies we’ve all labeled as liars, cheats, and crooks in the past.

Because this time is different, right?

This time they’ve surely got our best interests at heart.

How much longer before you stand up and call out all the bullsh*t?

How much longer do you think you’ll even have the ability to do so?

In your own Government’s words…

You are no longer capable to determine what’s best for yourself.

What a bleak and tragic world this will be if everyone accepts that as true.

You can’t see your family.

I can’t see mine.

And if we keep laying down and accepting that…

It’s possible we never will.

I’m not okay with that — are you?


And when you’re ready 👇👇