Reject Me Now, Need Me Later

reject me now

Every day, I write a new article.

Every day, I submit that article to a publication on Medium.

Every day (almost), that article gets rejected — though some do squeeze through the cracks.

For one reason or another, they tell me my article isn’t good enough — they tell me to go back and make it “better.”

Little do they know, I’ll never do it.

They can choose to publish my article, or they can choose not to publish my article. It doesn’t make much of a difference to me.

What they fail to recognize is the opportunity before them.

Soon, people will read my articles far and wide.

Soon, people will set aside time in their day just for me.

Soon, people will consume my words with growing excitement and enthusiasm every day.

This is not a dream.

This is FACT.

The more write, the more I make it so.

I do not care if a publication rejects my articles.

Soon, they’ll all be clamoring for a chance to work with me.

I am a MAGNET that grows stronger in attractive force every single day.

If they fail to recognize that, on them. Not on me.

I will stay true to my work.

I will stay true to my PROCESS.

And I WILL arrive on top.

Reject me now, need me later.

And so it is.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇