Sacrifice Everything But This

never sacrifice

Earlier today, I started reorganizing my schedule.

As I work from home — and get to choose my own hours — I also get the fine privilege of deciding when certain things get done.

But while shifting things around, I realized something important. Something so important, in fact, that I’d like to share it with you now.

And what I realized was this:

It doesn’t matter how busy you get, you should NEVER sacrifice what you know is important to you.

For example:

In redoing my schedule, I was hoping to find some ‘extra’ time to take on more client work. I have some people chomping at the bit right now to work with me, so I wanted to see if I could fit them in.

But alas, my schedule is tighter than I thought it was.

Now, I could create some extra time — but what would that mean for the rest of my day?

There are 4 possible options:

  1. I could sacrifice my sleep.
  2. I could sacrifice my morning routine.
  3. I could sacrifice quality time with my family.
  4. I could sacrifice quality time with my wife.

In other words, I could sacrifice something that matters. Or, better yet, something I know is of utmost importance in my life.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen.

For years, I’ve designed my life around what’s important to me. And no amount of extra money is going to change that.

What’s important to me stays, forever and always.

I made a commitment to myself and to my family that I would always make time for the stuff that matters.

I suggest you take some time to make sure of the same.

And then, no matter what, don’t sacrifice that time for anything.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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