Self-Help’s Great Deception

self help's great deception

There’s a pervasive myth in the self-help world that claims you always have to be “doing more” to grow.

That every day, you have to be grinding it out in some way, shape, or form to move your life forward.

Which means…

No breaks.
No relaxing.
And God forbid any rest for the wicked.

The problem with this is…

It’s all a bunch of poppycock.

And if you care to stick around for another minute or two, I’d be happy to tell you why.

Here’s the truth:

The more you subscribe to the notion that “doing more” will set you free, the more you risk inevitable burnout.

And what this means is that sooner or later, you’ll become overwhelmed. You’ll get tired and fatigued. And what once seemed like an unlimited reserve of energy will begin to empty and become unusable.

Good luck making meaningful progress when that happens…

The solution to this is simple:


That’s right — not more, LESS.

And the reason you need to do less is because you have to give yourself a chance to recalibrate. You have to ‘reset’ your psyche, if you will, and then let that inactivity wash your inner chalkboard clean.

Doing this allows your unconscious mind to review your efforts with clarity. And it’s from this place of clarity that new ideas and inspiration can emerge.

But you must create this space of clarity first.

And you CANNOT do that by doing more.

You can ONLY do that by doing less.

So the next time someone tells you you have to be “doing more” to get ahead…

Tell them you’re doing lots by effectively doing nothing at all.


And when you’re ready 👇👇