Solve Your Next Crisis With These Three Simple Steps


You’re face to face with a brand new crisis.

You’ve already taken the time to sulk, complain, act like an A-hole, let off some steam, and pull out a few handfuls of hair.

But the problem keeps persisting.

What now?

How do you get out of the pickle you’re in?

I ran into one of these situations last week.

My car broke down in the middle of a campground three-and-a-half hours away from my home. After the initial wave of frustration settled — and I was back to my normal self — it was time to find a solution.

So here’s what I did:

1) List out all possible outcomes

With the car, we didn’t have many options.

We could either (1) Get the car going; (2) Get the car towed; or (3) Leave the car behind.

Leaving the car behind wasn’t really an option. So in reality, we only had options 1 and 2.

2) Play a game of “What will it take?”

What will it take to get the car going?

What will it take to get the car towed?

Asking these questions started to give me an idea of what I was working with.

To get the car going, I’d have to try this, that, and the other thing. To get the car towed, I’d have to do this, that, and the other thing, as well.

Doing this gave me a clear idea of what was possible and what needed to be done.

3) Choose the path of least resistance (and uncertainty)

After breaking everything down, it was clear that getting the car towed was our safest option.

(1) We didn’t know how to diagnose the problem; (2) We didn’t have tools to fix the problem; and (3) We had very little time to work with.

Knowing this, we were able to choose the path of least resistance. And because we already knew what it would take to get it done, all we had to do was cross those items off the list.

Easy peasy.

Crisis solved.

So the next time you’re faced with a challenge or an obstacle or a crisis you need to overt and overcome…

Remember these three simple steps:

 — List out all possible outcomes
— Play a game of “What will it take?”
— Choose the path of least resistance (and uncertainty)

Do this and I promise you’ll get through anything life throws at your with much more comfort, peace, and ease.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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