Stop Studying, Start DOING

start doing

It’s funny.

As a copywriter, there’s no shortage of material to study.

Books, blogs, experts, gurus, courses, programs, masterminds, events, you name it. It’s hard to know where to begin sometimes. Even worse, more of this ‘material’ gets created and piled up every day.

Most new copywriters get struck with analysis paralysis immediately. They get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content they try to consume.

Instead of picking one source from which to study, they pick them all. As a result, they find themselves weighed down by the pressure to learn, master, and then learn some more.

The problem is, in all this ‘studying,’ the actual copywriting never seems to get done. They don’t actually take the time to practice their craft and thereby get better at it.

Perhaps you’re in a similar situation.

Whether it’s writing or playing music or anything really…

If all you do is study the craft and never practice it, it doesn’t matter how much ‘material’ you’re able to consume.

At some point, you have to put what you’re learning into action. You have to try and fail and tweak and adjust and feel the evolution of your own skills as you go.

We can only hold on to so much information at any one time. But if we practice our skills and integrate what we learn, we then create more space to learn and integrate MORE.

But we must practice our craft first.

So if you find you’re struggling to get better at what you do…

Stop studying it and instead go out and DO it.

Put in the reps day in and day out.

Find a medium to test out what you’re learning.

Focus on sharpening the saw a little more every day.

If you do that — and you really give yourself a chance to grow — you’ll find that you become less overwhelmed about what you’re learning and actually more excited about what it is you’re trying to do.

This is the path that leads to mastery.

And it starts by putting whatever it is you’re learning into ACTION.

Go ahead, do it.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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