The Lion, the Sheep, and the Unexpected Spiritual Awakening

unexpected spiritual awakening

Once upon a time, there was a young lion cub. One day, feeling curious, he wanders away from his mother to explore the jungle around him. After getting lost — and wandering alone for hours — a mother sheep finds the young cub and takes him under her wing. She, too, has lost her family. The cub, not being …

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How to Save Yourself

improving yourself

Everyone is freaking out about the state of the world. Pandemics, race wars, social shaming, police brutality, military states, mass pedophilia, widespread ‘misinformation’… and the list goes on and on. It’s clear to me that people need a crisis to latch onto. People want to feel safe knowing they’re on the ‘right side of history’ …

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The Luckiest Man Alive

the luckiest man alive

Right now, I’m sitting in my tent at a beautiful little campground in British Columbia. The wind is breezing. The birds are chirping. And I can hear the strong current of Kokanee Creek off in the distance. I’m surrounded by nature. I’m feeling inspired. I’m the luckiest man alive. My wife and daughter left to …

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