STOP Reading Articles & Go Make Some Friggin’ Memories

quality time

I’ve decided to blaze through today’s article. Why? Because it’s December 23rd and I want to make sure I’m spending as much quality time with my family as possible. Meaning…  — No extra work; — No extra thinking; — No extra anything, really. At this time of year, it’s family first always. And if you’re someone who wants …

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Almighty Relationship Wisdom from Brian Levant’s Jingle All The Way

jingle all the way

Yesterday, I was watching Jingle All The Way with my family. You know, that corny little Christmas movie from the 90s featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you haven’t seen it, it’s a true holiday classic. So go ahead and pop that sucker on when you’ve got a chance. You’re going to love it, and you’re welcome. …

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What a Mess…

what a mess

Man, what a year. One for the history books, no doubt. Collectively, it’s been a big hot mess. Personally, it’s been one of the best years I’ve ever had. Sure, borders are closed. And I’m not allowed to travel. And the stupid Government keeps piling on more bullshit every chance they can get. But, for …

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The Great Gratitude Hoax

practicing gratitude

Let’s talk about gratitude. Why? Well, most people tend to overcomplicate it. They think you need these crazy routines and exercises to ‘practice’ gratitude correctly. Like the only way to actually feel grateful is when you’re sitting cross-legged in a crystal cave humming Himalayan chants for the world to hear. In truth, it’s nowhere near …

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Letting My Daughter Go

letting my daughter go

Yesterday, we brought my 3-year-old daughter to a Montessori school for the first time in her life. She’s never been in ‘school’ before. Heck, she’s never even been in daycare before. But with my schedule filling up and my wife studying, too, I needed to create some extra time to take on more projects. Or …

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Sacrifice Everything But This

never sacrifice

Earlier today, I started reorganizing my schedule. As I work from home — and get to choose my own hours — I also get the fine privilege of deciding when certain things get done. But while shifting things around, I realized something important. Something so important, in fact, that I’d like to share it with you now. And what …

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