wake up

What if…

what if

Some questions for you to chew on today. What if you started going after your dreams? What if you stopped allowing fear to hold you back? What if you started making plans to build a brighter future? What if you stopped telling yourself you couldn’t do it? What if you started taking action today? What …

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Why 2021 Is HEATING UP

2021 is heating up

Man oh man — 2021 is HEATING UP! I’ve honestly never been so excited for what’s to come. Yea, the world is crumbling all around us. And yea, the most devastating impacts of the “virus who shall not be named” is certainly yet to come. But for me and my family? We’re golden and downright SOARING. And …

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Your Most Important Asset

your most important asset

What’s the most important asset? Money? Gold? Bitcoin? Real Estate? Stocks? Bonds? Treasuries? What is it? Well, it sure as heck isn’t any of those. That’s for damn sure. No, the most important asset is actually TIME. Time to be with your friends. Time to be with your family. Time to be with your wife, …

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No, You Shouldn’t Focus Only On The Positive

focus only on the positive

Contrary to what some spiritual “gurus” might tell you. You SHOULD NOT focus only on the positive. Why? I’ll give you two important reasons. Reason #1: Willful ignorance Yes, willful ignorance. What does that mean? It means you’re choosing to avoid the reality of what could be a potential negative outcome. No, you don’t want …

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