Before You Create, Do This

know who you want to serve

Before you:  — Build a successful business — Run a successful blog, or — Attract an audience of true and raving fans, There’s one all-important task you must do first. A task SO IMPORTANT that it could literally mean the difference between astronomical success and absolute failure. If you skip this task, you’ll always be fighting an uphill …

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[ATTENTION]: DO NOT Hit Publish Without Doing This First

read your work out loud

So, you’ve written something you’re proud of. You’ve looked everything over. You’ve fixed all your typos. You’ve eliminated all the little red squigglies. You’ve even run your work through a readability app. At this point, you’ve done everything you need to do to deliver a great piece. You’re all set and ready to hit publish. …

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The ‘Fill Your Cup’ Secret to Writing Great Articles Every Day

fill your cup secret

Let’s say, like me, you want to publish an article every day. A noble feat, to be sure — one which will likely lead to many great breakthroughs and opportunities. But where do you get started? What do you write about? And how do you find new things to write about when you’ve exhausted everything you already …

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Stop Studying, Start DOING

start doing

It’s funny. As a copywriter, there’s no shortage of material to study. Books, blogs, experts, gurus, courses, programs, masterminds, events, you name it. It’s hard to know where to begin sometimes. Even worse, more of this ‘material’ gets created and piled up every day. Most new copywriters get struck with analysis paralysis immediately. They get …

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