This Is Who I’m Writing To

writing to

There’s something you should know…

I write a lot of articles. Articles about personal growth. Articles about spiritual development. Articles about taking control and changing the direction of your life.

The goal with them has always been to help YOU create something better for yourself. That’s right — I want to help YOU live a better life. Plain and simple.

But some people seem to have a problem with that.

They seem to think that I’m trying to talk to ANYONE — or EVERYONE — about the topics I write about. Like I’m so disconnected from reality that I think every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the planet could follow my advice.

That would be nice, but it’s far from the truth.

Here’s the thing…

I know there are people in the world suffering unspeakable misfortunes. With no food, no access to clean water, no electricity. No school, no internet, no opportunities.

Many people are simply in no position whatsoever to take advantage of the wisdom I try to share. I get that.

And guess what?

I’m not writing to those people!

I’m writing to YOU.

The you that has access to the internet. The you that has time to read this article. The you that obviously has the means and the mental capacity to think about living different.

I’m writing to the very people reading the words on this page.

So the next time you read something — of mine or anyone else’s — and you think to yourself:

“Not everyone has the luxury to do this… or use this… or take advantage of this… or try this…”

Or whatever it is…

Calm the fuck down.

I’m not writing to those people.

I’m writing to YOU.

So the real question is…

Can you use this? Can you try this? Can you take advantage of the lessons I’m trying to share?

Chances are, you can.

Which is great news.

Because all this time, I’ve actually been writing to YOU.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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