V8-Slapped By Music Lyrics

just that time of the night

Ever hear a music lyric that rings throughout your soul?

Most everyone has.

Here’s a hidden gem from a song titled “Just that time of the night” by a little-known band called ISLAND.

And far too long, far too long, I thought the world was changing.

Far too long, far too long, I spent my young days aging.

That line right there: “Far too long, I spent my young days aging.”

There’s so much power and truth in that.

I mean, how could you not relate?

It doesn’t matter who you are… or where you’re from… or what it is that you do… almost everyone knows what it’s like to waste time ‘growing up.’

Whether it’s worrying about the future…

Or stressing about something at work…

Or feeling regret for something you can never take back…

Without even realizing it, we throw away countless hours of our lives and “spend our young days aging.”

We forget to savor the moment.

We forget to relax and have fun.

We forget to let our inner-child take the lead.

And we forget that life is to experience rather than to simply watch.

In 1957, Reader’s Digest published a quote that shares this sentiment:

Life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.

And I couldn’t agree more.

In other words…

If all you do is focus on ‘growing up’…

You’ll miss out on all the beauty that’s before you today.

That’s where life really is.

It’s Here.

It’s NOW.

It’s within this very moment.

But if you “spend your young days aging”…

You may never get to know it.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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