WARNING: This Powerful Gratitude Quote Might Shake You to the Core

gratitude quote

Yesterday, I read a quote that straight up floored me.

Or as the kids might say nowadays, hit me right in the feels.

I.e., was potent, powerful, and poignant beyond words.

Here’s what it said:

What if you woke up today with only the things you expressed gratitude for yesterday?

Seriously, what if?

When I first read that, I got super emotional. I reflected on the day before and realized I missed the boat completely.

In other words, I wasn’t intentional with my gratitude.

For example…

Although I know I’m grateful for my wife, I didn’t actually express that gratitude to her.

Although I know I’m grateful for my daughter, I don’t remember sitting her down and telling her that.

Although I know I’m grateful for my home and my health and the food I eat and everything else I love and appreciate…

I don’t remember pausing for a moment to express it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an ungrateful person. In fact, I’d say I express my gratitude more than most.

But on the day I read that quote, I hadn’t. Meaning if I woke up with only the things I expressed gratitude for the day before…

It’s possible I would’ve woke up with nothing.

I’ll never let that happen again.

And neither should you.

Every day, tell yourself and those you love how much you appreciate them.

Every day, give thanks for the blessings that make your life a pleasure to live.

Every day, express your gratitude and share your love.

It could very well be the last time you ever have a chance to do so.


And when you’re ready 👇