What Are the Details That Paint Your Story?

paint your story

I want you to try something.

Sit back, relax, and read the following words with intention.

This works best if you stay focused and follow along.

Let’s get started.

I want you to imagine you’re living your best life.

Where are you living? Who are you with? What do you drive? Who are your friends? What do you do for work? How do you spend your free time?

The more you can reflect on these questions, the better.

And if you can’t think of an answer for any of them, no problem.

The point here is to start some preliminary thinking about the future you want to create for yourself. Because once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can then start making plans to manifest it.

Maybe you’re living in Costa Rica.

Or married to the love of your life.

Or a father to three beautiful children.

Or the owner of that slick red Mini Cooper you’ve always wanted to rip around town.

If you could have any future you wanted…

What are the little details that paint your story?

It’s important to reflect on these things every now and then. Otherwise, you might catch yourself drifting aimlessly through life.

The problem is that most people think they need to have it all figured out. But they don’t. And neither do you.

All you need is something.


Just one little detail you can aim at and move toward.

Because as you take steps to make that a reality…

The rest of your picture starts to become more clear.

And then you’re really moving.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇