How to Play the “What If UP” Game

what if up

Here’s a neat little mindset game you can try.

It’s called “What If UP.”

And the purpose of the game is to help you cultivate a more positive outlook and attitude towards life. Which, of course, will help you improve your mindset, too.

But this isn’t a game I created.

No no — that credit goes to a woman named Mendhi Audlin, who first mentioned it in her book What If It All Goes Right?

So, what is it?

Well, first of all, what you need to understand is that, most of the time, you’re already playing a version of this game.

It’s called “What If Down.”

You get an idea and say to yourself…

“What if it doesn’t work?… What if I lose money?… What if this is a big waste of time?… What if I embarrass myself ?… What if I fail?”

And on and on turns the wheel of torture.

This is all pretty negative stuff, yes?

The “What If UP” game takes it the other way.

Instead, you start saying things like…

“What if this is the best thing I’ve ever done?… What if I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams?… What if this is a turning point in my life?… What if I hit the jackpot?… What if it all goes right?”

Immediately, your energy will shift.

Your mind will open… your heart will open… and you’ll begin to see new ideas and possibilities, too.

You’ll start believing in yourself.

You’ll start believing in your ideas.

And your entire life will take on a whole new color and meaning.

All because you chose to go UP instead of DOWN.

Such is the power of playing the “What If UP” game.

So play it, and play it often.

After all, what if it’s the best thing you ever do?


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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