What Matters More Than Your Thoughts?

unconscious beliefs

I used to think that your life was a product of the thoughts you held most often in your mind.

I still believe that’s true — but it’s not the entire picture.

There’s another dimension to it that doesn’t get as much lip service. And that dimension is your unconscious beliefs.

Here’s what I mean by that:

You might want more money and think about money often. You might even visualize ways to attract more of it to you.

But if deep down, you believe that money is evil or toxic, you will never allow more of it into your life… or if you do, be able to hold onto it for very long.

Your unconscious beliefs will eclipse your conscious thinking every time. There are no exceptions to this.

Think about it…

Why would you want to attract anything to your life that you believe is evil or toxic?

You wouldn’t.

And the same goes for everything else in your life.

If you want and think about a promotion, but deep down you feel unworthy of it, you’ll find ways to push it away. You’ll self-sabotage until you’re plucked out of the running.

It works without fail.

So what does this mean for you?


If you want something in your life, you must first address the unconscious beliefs you have about it.

Do you believe you’re unworthy?
Do you believe you’re undeserving?
Do you believe something is evil, bad, or toxic for you?

Often what you’ll find is something deep inside that’s pushing your desires away. Address this and the wheels get set in motion.

Either way…

It’s not always what you think…

… but rather what you believe that matters most.


And when you’re ready 👇👇

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