Yes, I Wrote a Christmas Poem

christmas poem

As I sit back and reflect on the year gone by,
Colorful lights all around me with a tear in my eye,
I’m so overjoyed for so many great things,
A beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter,
A beautiful soul with two wings,

To fly up above and see life down below,
See the hope, see the laughter, see the warmth, see the snow.
Never in my life has my world been so bright,
Though many have suffered,
My year was just right.

But more than just right, it was actually great,
It was abundant, it was prosperous, what more can I say?
If you’ve a roof over your head and some food in the fridge,
You’re also better than most,
With likely extra to give.

So before you complain and throw 2020 away,
Take a moment to ask yourself what really has changed,
Got a family? Some friends? Great people to love?
If so, then you’ve won,
You’ve been blessed from above.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, from my family to yours,
May you laugh, may you cheer, may you open new doors.
And as you sit back and reflect on your life,
Just know that you’re loved,
And it will all be all right.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇