You’re Getting Inspiration All Wrong

you're getting inspiration all wrong

The other day, I was talking to a friend who’s struggling to figure out what to do with their life.

They bounce around from job to job.

They live their life paycheck to paycheck.

And the uncertainty of it all (understandably) gets them down.

Perhaps you can relate.

What’s interesting, though, is that this very same person also has a passion for breeding dogs. It’s something they’ve thought about doing for quite some time. And no matter what they do or where they go, they keep coming back to those thoughts and revisiting the idea.

But to them, it’s just a dream that’ll never materialize.

And because they feel that way, they keep waiting for inspiration to guide them to ‘that thing’ they need to be doing.

Well, guess what?

They already found it!

Or, at the very least, found something they should try.

Because here’s the thing…

Inspiration isn’t a parting of the clouds where answers come pouring forth from the sky.

No, inspiration is a nudge.

It’s a little push towards something.

It’s a ‘hint’ of where you might want to go.

And it can be as subtle as a fleeting thought that tells you “Hey, I’ve always thought that would be fun.”

And if that fleeting thought keeps returning?

Well, now you’ve got something to work with!

NOW you’ve got something to go after.

It really is as simple as that.

But if you continue overcomplicating it, you’ll bounce around forever and never find your place.

Don’t do that.

Instead, pay attention.

Listen closely.

What are you hearing?


Your inner voice knows where your heart wants to be.

Surrender to it and let it lead the way.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇