You’re Going To Get A Lot Of Sh*t Done When You Do This

get more done

So you wanna get more done?

Be more productive than ever before?

Blaze through your tasks at such lightning speed that you have trouble keeping your shirt on?

No, it’s not a fantasy.

Not is it a far-off dream.

You CAN get lickety-quick at getting shit done…

Granted you do some groundwork first.

Here’s the rub:

Every night, before you go to bed, grab a pen and paper and sit down to do something thinking.

Next, you’re going to write down your top priorities for the next day. List everything you can think of.

When you’re done, go through your list and order the items from most important to least important.

Make note of the top 6 (if there are that many).

Scrap the rest.

Now you’ve got a roadmap.

Next, rest your sleepy little head so you’re ready for the morning.

When you wake up, look at your list.

Start tackling item #1 with focus and ferocity.

When you’re done (and ONLY when you’re done), move on to item #2. Repeat the process.

Then move on to item #3.

Then item #4.

And so on.

If you do this, you’re going to start banging through your tasks faster than you ever have before.

And if you don’t get everything done, that’s okay.

You don’t HAVE to get everything done — you just have to make progress.

When night comes, make another list.

Wake up, rinse, and repeat.

Now you’re really moving.

You’re welcome.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇