Yup, 2 More

2 more

Only 3 more days, folks.

Are you ready for 2021?

Here are 2 more things you need to let go of before the clock strikes 12.

Fear of Failing

This one’s a biggie.

SO MANY people don’t even get started because they’re afraid of what will happen if they fail.

Well, guess what? You’re gonna fail!

You failed THOUSANDS of times before you started walking with confidence and conviction.

And at one point, you couldn’t tie your shoes to save your life.

But now you can, right?

Imagine if you gave up — or didn’t even try — because you were afraid of not getting it right the first time.

Imagine how foolish that would be.

Well, the same goes for everything else.

You will fall. You will get banged up. You will get broken, battered, and bruised.

But if you keep trying, YOU WILL prevail.

Failure is merely another step forward.

Learn from it and keep going.

Believing There’s A Shortcut

In a world of instant gratification, it’s understandable why you’d want something NOW.

But success doesn’t work that way.

Skill development doesn’t work that way.

Attaining knowledge and wisdom doesn’t work that way.

Nor should it.

A major part of what makes you proficient and successful comes from the journey you take to get there. It’s the experience. It’s the trial and error. It’s the learning, adapting, growing, and developing over time.

There is no shortcut for that.

So you can either waste your time looking for one.

Or you can take control, take action, and commit to getting ahead — no matter how long it takes to do so.

Life is a lifelong journey, after all.

Stop trying to speed it up.


Another one down, another one to come.

Stay tuned for the next one and we’ll wrap this thing up.


Oh, and when you’re ready 👇